Different carpet types and the nature of the stains that are present require different cleaning methods. Unless you have the experience and right equipment, you can do more damage than good. Master’s Touch have a dedicated team with extensive textile-cleaning knowledge. After inspecting your job, they’ll know exactly what to use, how best to apply it, and what results you can expect. Then they’ll offer you their best recommendation without promising more than is achievable.

There’s more to getting the job done right than just knowing what needs doing. Delivering steam cleaning services requires accurate control over steam temperature to keep it in the critical window for that textile. It also requires powerful suction to reduce residual moisture and avoid potential damage from a damp job. Our truck mounted equipment can guarantee that level of control and power, so you can be confident in getting the quality we promise. True steam from quality equipment kills 99% of germs and bacteria from within your carpet and upholstery.