When people gather in a holy space they come with a well founded belief that they are in good company and safe. We understand how busy things get and you can’t be all things to everyone. So when it comes to providing a healthy space for your people to gather in, let us be the cleaners that take that load off your shoulders.

Everyone one is unique and we all have special skills and talents. Our staff have been selected for their great character and positive attitudes. We have then trained them with the special skill of seeing potential for disease even when surfaces look clean. Using the right equipment and chemicals designed for the job, our staff are able to reduce the risk of illness by providing a thorough clean of contact surfaces. Our commitment to quality means you can be confident in meeting your commitment to provide a safe place to gather in.


Master’s Touch Cleaning Company is a large and well established organization with plenty of highly trained staff on hand. We also have a variety of industrial equipment to tackle any job. So when it comes to special events with lots of people, we’ve got the skills and workforce to get the job done properly on time. We’re able to get in quickly and clean up after one event and have everything sparkling before the next one is scheduled to begin.

We happily prepare for or clean up after:

  • Weekly services
  • Weddings
  • Regional gatherings
  • Fundraising events
  • Devotional days
  • Baptisms and other sacred rites

We treat all locations we work in with care and respect. Even so, when it comes to places of worship our staff undergo specific training, both in maintaining a mindful attitude, and recognizing the spiritual value of sacred items. Special care is taken to follow the cleaning program that we develop with you closely. This means we clean, dust, and polish where you want us to, and respectfully leave other areas or items undisturbed.

Our cleaning chemicals and equipment have been selected to keep everything hygienic and clean, while avoiding damage or wear and tear. So whether it is stained glass windows, or hand painted artifacts, you can be confident that we know what we’re doing and have your best interests at heart.