After a great deal of care and effort has gone into building, fitting out, and furnishing a space, we understand how important it is to hand it over looking perfect. Once we’ve been through, the new occupants won’t have to lift a finger to make it ready. This is because we pay very close attention to detail. We base our building cleaning services on your punch list or cleaning specifications and back it up with our own list. And we mark each item off as we go, then double check it on completion. We notice and remove stickers, collect instruction manuals together, remove protective film, and all the other little things that make a job look finished.

Our highly trained cleaners know how to look at the space through the eyes of a customer, seeing everything that they could possibly want done. They then apply their extensive training and proven techniques to get it done right. There are a lot of different surface types, from matte paint to television screens. Each surface demands different techniques, using the correct chemicals and equipment. Whether it’s removing glue or caulking from a door frame, or cleaning the inside of an oven, we’ve got what it takes to do a perfect job with no risk to the product.

Our cleaners look up. Equipped with a range of high-spaces tools and equipment, we remove dust and cobwebs, clean light fittings, vents, and all those hard to access locations. And when it comes to a professional finish our cleaners deliver every time. Our staff have been trained in our custom three-stage, deep-cleaning process that uses the right tools and techniques for each step. This process always delivers impeccable results. Streak free glass, gleaming stainless, and impeccable floors tell the customer that the highest level of care has been taken while constructing or preparing their new space.


Construction deadlines are important, and the completion of a successful project means hiring service providers that deliver as promised on time. Our large company with extensive experience delivering construction and make-ready services throughout Texas is well prepared for the job. With plenty of highly trained staff and all of the equipment we could possibly need at our fingertips, we always deliver on time and as promised.

We’ve seen enough variety to know that some jobs can be much more demanding than others. While we know the questions to ask, and have the formulas to calculate just what resources should be required, we also have extra staff on call. Knowing that we’ve always got the resources to turn any unexpected situation into a great final job, gives you the confidence to fit us into your tight schedule.

We’re experienced in cleaning:

  • New construction
  • Remodeled
  • Data centers
  • Large floor plan areas
  • Make ready move in/out

By teaming up with us as you finalize your project, you’ll deliver as promised, on time, and in pristine condition. We select our background checked staff based on their attitude and attention to detail. Then we implement a variety of systems to ensure they always meet our high standards, including working as pairs, checking on completed work, and following the checklist as it’s done, instead of ticking it off later. And even though we do everything that we can to train our staff to take care, we also take full responsibility for our actions and are fully insured and bonded. We know that our clients value this effort and return to us time and again for the peace of mind you get when you know your job is in our safe hands.