Educational facilities do an incredible job of utilizing teaching, recreational, and staff areas to their full capacity. This is no simple challenge when a variety of needs and schedules mean that no two days are the same. As well as study, exam, and holiday periods, we work in with institutions as they host events, run fundraisers, and meet the needs of their communities.
And even with the best scheduling, everything can require shuffling due to weather events or other unpredicted influences. Because of this, Master’s Touch Cleaning Company have established a flexible system that keeps track of rotational cleaning while enabling us to be responsive to your needs. We also run a 24/7 help desk to make arranging services fast and simple.

Then to track all requests and be certain every required action is taken, we’ve incorporated a state of the art software portal for communicating and following up on progress.

By accepting students into your facility, you’ve also accepted the responsibility of keeping them safe and healthy. We’d like to team up with you to meet this responsibility with industry skill and knowledge. We use proven cleaning techniques, effective equipment, and approved cleaning products to sanitize as well as clean all those surfaces and contact points that could otherwise transmit bacteria. Our staff are also trained in the importance of getting into hard to reach locations that can harbour spoiling food or other contaminants. Keeping on top of this inhibits the proliferation of pests as well as preventing unpleasant odours.


We also recognize that we’re working in a busy and unpredictable environment. Despite the best scheduling, cleaning in educational institutions often results in people needing to pass through or momentarily use an area that is being cleaned. As well as happily accommodating this need, we make sure that our techniques and processes limit the risk of injury. After mopping hard surfaces, we use a squeegee to instantly dry them. We keep equipment tidy and in safe positions even while it is being used. And we follow all best practices for health and safety in our industry.

Master’s Touch Cleaning Company is a large company, local to Texas. Because all of our staff are directly employed, we’re able to provide a high level of skills and training. Having on hand such a large workforce means we’re able to provide staff quickly to meet whatever needs arise. And because we provide such a wide range of services, we have specialists that will provide you with a quality outcome regardless of the task.

We foster specialist skills in:

  • Hard surface maintenance and repair
  • Soft flooring deep cleaning
  • Porter and janitorial day services
  • Washroom facilities cleaning
  • Foodservice and eating area cleans
  • Event cleanup
  • Medical and laboratory cleaning

When a large number of people use so many spaces, we understand that the likelihood of someone reacting to a cleaning product increases. As well as using the safest effective options, we discuss any changes of chemicals being considered and provide MSDS sheets for approval before introducing them to your facilities. Only by working in a close partnership with you can we both meet our social responsibilities and be confident that the spaces we provide are as pleasant and safe as can be achieved.