There is an incredible amount of work and investment that goes into holding an event. It has to be done right the first time and there are no second chances. Then once your successful event has completed, you can finally breath again. By partnering with our large established company, you can breath easy. We’ve got a trained and energetic crew, all with the right equipment for the job, ready to come in and clean up right on schedule.

Maybe it’s not your property, maybe it was a once off event. For us it makes no difference because we’ve worked really hard, and satisfied a lot of customers, to establish our reputation in this industry. And we see every job as an opportunity to prove why we deserve it. We work hard and we work fast, but most of all we work diligently. Only by paying attention to the little details, does everything come together perfectly at the end.

Often cleanup can run alongside bump-out and packup. And after a big event it can be hard to tell who is meant to be there and who is just hanging around after. Our staff arrive in company branded vehicles and we only park where arranged. The distinctive Master’s Touch Cleaning Company uniforms that every one of our staff members wear makes it simple to spot them even in the busiest locations. This means it is easier to know who is meant to be there, and it helps you recognised our willing and helpful crew so they can meet your needs


Years of experience cleaning up after local events in Texas, have turned our team into a well oiled machine. Everyone knows what order they’re doing things in, the procedure to get it done, and exactly the outcome that is expected. And because all of this is based on a system that they are familiar with, we can achieve the same quality results for small or massive event cleanups.

And this system does more than run a smooth operation. It is designed to keep our staff safe, and make sure everything we do minimises risk to other people who may still be onsite. This starts with getting hazards like slippery spills and trip risks under control first. Then moves onto more minor issues as the work progresses. Before wet mopping we make sure we have solitary use of the area for the period of time it will take to dry if it can’t be left until last.

Some of the events we provide services for include:

  • Concerts
  • Company functions
  • Sports games
  • Teen events
  • Fun foam & paint spraying events
  • Promotional events
  • Nothings is too big or too small, too late or too early.

It can be incredible how much waste a single event can generate. Our staff are trained to identify recyclable materials and can sort as they go. We also know that some events can attract party goers that leave behind personal trash. By having recommended canisters and trained staff equipped with gloves, we can control and dispose of any hazard safely.