Our specialized staff trained in foodservice cleaning know that there is more to a clean surface than how it looks. They know a dirty rag can leave a table shiny, but still be well below Master’s Touch Cleaning Company’s standard of cleanliness. We also recognize that you will have your own quality assurance systems that need to be followed impeccably.

During our discovery and quoting phase, we will learn about your processes and requirements. Then using our industry experience and proven systems, we’ll integrate our processes with yours. We can rotate different types of chemicals inline with your internal rotations to reduce the chances of bacteria developing resistance. We’ll identify areas that must be cleaned with single-use disposable cloths, and only use leave-on sanitisers on surfaces as specified.

Systems change and workspaces are re-allocated over time. Our variety of immediate communication channels and the fact that we assign regular staff to each facility make accommodating these changes easy. We also have strong internal communication procedures, so if you train one of our staff members on completing a new form, we make sure this training is passed on to all staff prepared for this site.

Cross contamination can be a serious issue in the foodservice industry. To guard against this, we use color-coded equipment that must only be used in its specified locations, such as for our restroom cleaning services. All of our chemicals are clearly labelled and we’ll provide MSDS sheets for you before starting, then only introduce new chemicals after written approval has been obtained from you. Our equipment is carefully selected for the job, including squeegees that resist tearing, and brushes with melted-in bristles. We also recognise that your operation depends on your equipment, so our staff are trained to take care of your property and act responsibly at all times.


Eating should be a very pleasurable experience. An occasion when all the senses come together to fill you with a sense of joy. By partnering with us, we will make your customers feel comfortable by keeping on top of all of those tiny details that make a place feel cared for. Our system of rotational cleaning starts based on our extensive industry experience, and then is tweaked and modified based on your individual situation. This technique consistently results in us getting to jobs before you notice they need doing, so that customers always feel like they are eating in a clean and safe environment.

Our staff are trained in looking for roll-away places where food or other matter may end up hiding. Getting into all the corners and harder to access locations every day is critical in reducing pests, mold, and bacteria. We also pay close attention to moisture and take care to leave surfaces and floors dry. This also reduces mold and bacteria which would have produced foul odours. The equipment we use is also well maintained and always smells fresh because, any bad smell can be transferred to a surface while cleaning. And to ensure the only thing your customers smell is your delicious food, we use odourless products, relying on our perfect clean to smell good instead of perfumes.