The best type of guarantee is the one you’ll never need. We achieve this through a threefold process. Before we agree on a service, we explain what can and cannot be achieved. By being honest and clear about our offering, we never raise false expectations.

We then acknowledge that our staff may miss something, or do something incorrectly. This is why every job is done with a skilled and experienced supervisor on the team. They pay attention and catch mistakes before the job is completed. In case they ever miss something, we run a 24/7 contact desk as well as a customer contact portal. As soon as we know there is something more we can do to fulfill our obligation, we send a team straight out to address it.

In this way we guarantee that you will always get the service that we promised, while knowing you’ll never need to worry about it. But that doesn’t mean we’re not financially prepared for the unpredictable. If something goes wrong while providing a service, we are bonded and insured so that we carry all of the risk and remain responsible for what happens while we work.


We strive to be very clear with customers about the services we provide. It is important to us that you know exactly what to expect from every type of job we do. Every quote that we provide specifies what is included and to what extent we are able to achieve the result that you require. This is possible because we have tested systems in place for every type of task, and our highly trained staff know how to use their chemicals and equipment to achieve the agreed outcome.

This proven system of matching promises in our quotes with tested outcomes, is used across every type of service we offer, and tailored to each of the industries we provide services in. To be certain that we have a solid understanding of what we are agreeing to, our sales staff will visit the site whenever there is room for variation. If a site visit is not required, we take full responsibility for any assumptions that we have to make while providing the quote. This dedication to transparency and commitment to deliver, has achieved a high level of trust from our clients. We have worked hard for our reputation, and know how to retain it.