We have established an outstanding reputation for delivering consistently high quality cleaning services. Understanding the foundation of this success will give you the confidence to team up with us in your efforts to minimise risks in your facility. It takes a lot more than a good attitude to provide a consistently good clean.

We do a lot of work before we even start cleaning. From our initial meeting and walk through, we develop a detailed list of your requirements. We then plan out our cleaning process by matching it with our proven systems and techniques. Years of servicing the medical industry in Texas have honed our systems. Once we have generated your tailored cleaning plan, we match that against our staff training records and equipment requirements.

Our highly trained staff, arrive in company marked vehicles, wear Master’s Touch uniforms, and carry photo identification. They always work in pairs and follow your tailored checklist. Using proven techniques, quality equipment, and approved chemicals, we always get the results you’re after. Every cleaning crew operates under the direction of an onsite cleaning supervisor.


You might think of them as your sales rep when you first meet them. This is understandable because many companies operate by sending out silver-tongued reps to promise you the world in exchange for a commision, then leave the cleaners to cope. This is not how Master’s Touch operates, and because we operate on month to month contracts, we can’t afford to drop our standards for a moment.

Instead, this person you met as a sales rep will continue to be your point of contact and work on your side to get the very best out of the service you’re provided. Everything they promise, they will be responsible for delivering. And as your needs change, they are able to incorporate your changes into updated cleaning plans and monitor their implementation. This, as well as a 24/7 reception service and an online issue resolution portal, makes communication fast and responsive.

We are already servicing clients in the following categories:

  • Doctor offices
  • Toxicology labs
  • Blood & urine testing labs
  • Dentist offices
  • Senior living
  • Urgent care centers
  • Drug testing

Every process improvement we’ve made for one of our clients in this group has been reviewed for application in our services for related clients. It then becomes part of our process for developing cleaning plans for new customers. By using our services you will also benefit from our integrated approach as we identify opportunities for improvement before they ever have a chance to pose a risk to your business. And your single point of contact will keep you informed of recommended changes as we continue to push the boundaries of industry best practice.