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  • The janitorial service you choose for your business should do more than give you a great sales pitch; they should deliver on their promises. We’ve heard from many of our customers who left the large franchise cleaning companies and came to us that while their initial pitch was great, they didn’t deliver. These customers ended up getting locked into a year-long contract with a cleaning company that didn’t care about their service. We are not a franchise cleaning company like so many out there, being that we are locally and family owned we take a more personal and professional approach to your janitorial needs.

    How many times have you seen that big janitorial companies want you to sign a one-year contract before you even see the work? To us that sounds crazy, like getting married to someone without getting to know them. That’s why we put the power in your hands by showing you our janitorial cleaning and letting us earn your business by giving you a free trail for the first 30 days. So you can see that we really are different from everything else out there. You’ll see that our team cares about doing a great job on cleaning your business and creating a spotless environment for you to work. Because we’re family owned and operated, our reputation in the community matters to us, and we work hard to ensure we deliver on our promises during every visit.

    If you’d like to take advantage of 30-day free trial for our janitorial services, please get in touch with us today. You can call us at 1-866-278-8772 or use the contact form on our website. We’ll get you set up with a 30-day free trial that goes beyond the usual sales pitch and actually delivers on our promises!



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