Every industry knows that you need three things to get a job done right every time. An accurate specification, the appropriate tools and equipment, and the right skills and training. And in the cleaning industry, these three things, combined with a responsible attitude, ensure the safety of staff and property regardless of the job. When we provide a quote, we don’t just get enough details to workout a fair margin. We take the opportunity to really understand your needs, recognize the rhythms of your workflow, and design a clear specification for what is to be done.

We take this specification and, guided by your advice about the premises, tailor a training package for our selected staff. We then only send staff into your location who have met these training requirements and always have extra trained staff on hand.

This training includes information on specialized cleaning chemicals or formulations designed around your needs, as well as information on what risks to be aware of.

We also use these specifications to select the right equipment that will guarantee the results you’re after. From brushes that can lift grime without harming your surfaces, to chemicals that are safe to use around spills that might have occurred, we equip our staff to get your specific site clean.

Safety is important to us and we recognise how important clear communication is to reducing risk. We have a few different channels of communication including a 24/7 service desk and a web portal designed for tracking issues. So whether there’s been an incident that our staff need to accommodate for, or exposed equipment that must not be cleaned around, letting us know about it is always fast and simple.


Selecting Master’s Touch Cleaning Company to provide your regular cleaning service is just the first step in building a strong working relationship with a big, local company that is ready to help. We have equipment and trained staff ready to deal with spillages, flooded areas, and other major clean-up operations. Our flooring specialists can remove and reapply surfaces and sealants. And our truck mounted steam and vacuum equipment can make jobs that look impossible a quick fix. We are a large, well established company with a wide range of capabilities, and we’ll stand by you if trouble comes your way.

And as much as we do to control all possible risks, we recognise that things can still get beyond anyone’s control. For your peace of mind, and to meet our obligations, we’re fully insured and bonded. We are also committed to customer satisfaction and will work closely with you to understand and meet your needs.