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  • For the everyday Joe, cleaning an entire museum seems like some sort of weird Night At The Museum type of nightmare. You know, like the beginning of Night At The Museum where Ben Stiller get chased by all the exhibits that have come to life. But this nightmare has the added twist of having to dust all the exhibits, sanitize all the railings, clean all the glass, and vacuum all the walk ways. It really doesn’t sound like an easy task! But that’s ok, because the average Joe’s nightmare, is just another day at work for a Master’s Touch Cleaning Company team.


    With hundreds if not thousands of people coming in and out of your museum daily there is bound to be a buildup of germs and dirt. From people’s hands riding along the rails and dirty shoes shuffling across walkways, to little kids pressing their faces on the glass and adults who allergies are triggered by artifacts, your museum can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the blink of an eye. Sure your employees run through the place with some sanitizing wipes, getting the bulk of the germs, but none of your employees have the time or tools to really get down and dirty when it comes to sanitizing your museum.


    Our team is different. We pride ourselves on being everything you would want in professional office cleaning services, and more, because as San Antonio grows, the everyday Joe’s office changes. To make sure your unique, museum/ professional office is spotless, our team will come in after hours and clean everything from exhibits and cases, to floors and bathrooms, all to your specifications. We know that everything in your museum is important and we treat each item as such!

    So, next time you need a team to clean your giant work of art, call us. We will save you from the Night At The Museum nightmare that is getting a spotless museum.

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