Our Process

Step 1:
Contact Us

The easiest way to get things moving is to give as a quick call at 866-278-8772. We understand you’re busy so we’ll just get your contact details and find a time that suits you to get the job done or for us to come out and meet you. This might be the same day, and is usually within 24 hours of your call.

But we understand you might prefer to just enter your details in our form yourself. We respond quickly to enquiries. If you know when you’re available and just want to schedule a one-time clean or a walk-through, we’ve set up an easy tool for you to use, and we will confirm as soon as we’ve made arrangements. Whichever way you choose, we’ve got staff ready right now who are looking forward to meeting your needs.

Step 2:
Free Quote

We’ll quickly provide you with a free quote, either by phone, or on-site. When we come to meet you, we’re on a fact finding mission, not a sales show. Like you, we’re busy and want to be efficient with our time. The company representative that you’ll meet will continue to be your main point of contact and will work with you to match our services with your needs. After we’ve learned about your building, its layout, and your needs, we’ll put together a tailored quote.

The quote we provide then becomes the core of our service. We use it as a specification to design checklists, rotational schedules, skills lists for training, and audit planning. Our systems adapt to yours through this process, so we always deliver consistent quality in a manner that is convenient to you.

Step 3:
Service Provided

We’re so confident that you’ll recognize the value of the service we provide, that we don’t require annual contracts. We just get the job done. We’ve retained 97% of the customers we’ve serviced, and prove our value every time we clean.

After agreeing to our offer, we’ll quickly run through the finer details, including security, storage, and so on. Then at the agreed time, our uniformed staff will deliver the service as promised, update our cleaning logbook, secure the premises as specified, and leave the place much better than when they arrived.

Step 4:
Service Follow-Up

After completing a one-time job, we’ll let you know it is done and confirm everything went well. For recurring work, even after a great service, we understand that you might want things done differently. The same person who made you the promises will continue to be the one to keep them. They’ll contact you to look for feedback and an opportunity to improve the service provided.

They’ll also be happy to walk you through our custom Help Desk software which keeps track of requests and how quickly they are resolved. If an initial deep clean was scheduled, they’ll confirm that it met or exceeded your expectations according to the agreed scope of work. Our responsive staff are always just a phone call away. Communication and cleaning simplified.