Our specialized training for staff providing services in retail spaces, emphasizes consistency and reliability. This is because we understand that as well as the many customers you have, you also have staff that move things around and impact the area. By consistently following the same routine and always returning bins and other moved items to their original locations, we leave the place exactly as we found it, but sparkling clean.

Some days a retail space will have rearranged stock and moved stands or racks. Other days a customer’s child has discovered exactly how many different pieces a tissue can be torn up into. Whatever has happened during the day, our staff turn up equipped and eager to return the space to the same perfect condition that they take pride in. Every day brings something new, but with our services, every day ends looking clean and tidy.

And because we know security is important, we have implemented measures to give you confidence. All of our vehicles are branded, so drive by security will always know what is going on. Every staff member wears the Master’s Touch Cleaning Company uniform so that even at a distance, their presence is recognized. Then for added security, every staff member carries our company photo identification card. After carefully selecting staff based on their attitude and history, and then obtaining background checks, we know we can trust them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t include extra precautions. Mostly for safety and efficiency, all of our staff work in teams. But this also means we can be confident that our staff always act responsibly and with integrity.


Retail spaces typically cover a large area, and this space is used efficiently. This means that there are lots of opportunities for things to go unnoticed. Our years of experience in this industry have led us to develop routines and checklists that keep us focused on the details. Every clean we pay attention, looking for litter in odd places, or a mark where it should shine. But on top of this, we rotate through many other scheduled tasks based on our cleaning program. This means that everything is given the attention it needs to look fresh before it gets a chance to get dull.

These rotational tasks include:

  • Polishing fixtures and fittings
  • Removing insects from lighting
  • Doing high area dusting
  • Deep cleaning into the groves of cross contamination points
  • Window cleaning services

And by partnering with Master’s Touch Cleaning Company, you gain access to emergency support. We provide quick response services for all of the many things that can suddenly go wrong. Whether it’s a burst pipe, maintenance service debri, or an explosion of packing noodles, we’re a partner and ready to come to your aid. And because we’re not a franchise or outsourcing business, our big company has the capacity to ride over the waves life throws at us and provide a consistent and reliable service every single day.