Everything we do at Master’s Touch Cleaning Company reflects our stated mission and vision. Our continued success is the result of absorbing every lesson we learn into our single well developed and technically advanced system. There’s a good reason that we win an average of eight out of ten proposals. And there’s a whole infrastructure behind our continued ability to retain 97% of our clients.

We start with a solid foundation of best business practices, which include rewarding our staff with attractive pay packages, valuable training, great equipment, and a strong culture. And as soon as a staff member discovers a better way of doing something, we test it out, compare it, and then roll it out for all staff to benefit from. We invest in appropriate technology, like customized Help Desk solutions for resolving and learning from customer issues, to the most effective chemicals for getting the job done safely.

On top of this, we’ve developed a system that gets results. We turn a very clear client specification into a collection of processes and checklists that are well designed, in an efficient order, and easy to follow. Then we review and refine every aspect of our business. We audit the cleaning, use training to improve staff effectiveness, incorporate feedback into all of our systems, and continue to look for opportunities to improve our service.



We have learned that as well as providing high quality, hands on, task specific training, it is also important to hire the right sort of person. When we select the staff that are going to be representing us, we base our decision on personal traits including a conscientious attitude and attention to detail. This combination of a great attitude and effective training results in cleaning staff that you can rely on to deliver a quality service all of the time.

We also understand that businesses change how they use spaces, and have events or other activities that are out of routine. By providing a variety of ways to communicate, as well as a staff member dedicated to your business, we are able to provide flexible and responsive janitorial cleaning services regardless of how frequently your needs change.

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We recognise that every industry has different requirements and considerations. To manage this we have developed a modular training program. Each industry specific task has its own training module which covers technique, equipment, and chemical usage. Each of our staff has a training record identifying which programs have been completed so that we can match them to jobs.

Through our history of providing commercial cleaning services throughout Texas, we’ve continuously upgraded our training programs, and provided refresher training for the relevant staff. This process guarantees that the cleaning program we develop in conjunction with you will be delivered as promised every time.

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Our uniformed and background checked staff know that they aren’t just representing us, they are also representing your business. Because of this, they are always well presented, courteous, and considerate. We don’t just train our staff on cleaning techniques, but provide comprehensive instructions on interacting with staff and public.

Their training also includes techniques for working safely and minimising risks to customers. They are aware of every situation that might occur and the required techniques to mitigate it. Whether it is slippery floors, restroom cleaning services, equipment storage, or chemical accessibility, they have it covered. Also, by using these proven techniques, they increase their efficiency and get more done with less people. By always looking for what needs to be done, our day porter staff are always busy, and yet have developed a knack for getting their work done in an unobtrusive way.

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Floors take a lot of punishment and over time high traffic areas begin to show wear and tear. We have a dedicated team that are experienced in repairing and renewing surfaces. After doing a site visit, they will share their expertise by discussing what is achievable and recommending options that provide the best value for you.

We never promise what can’t be done. But our knowledge of what can be done and our access to a variety of equipment and products will ensure that you get the best possible result. We’re also clear about how long it will take and stick to our schedule, so you can plan around it with accuracy. Then, once it’s done, you’ll be so pleased with the outcome that you’ll wonder why you didn’t just do it sooner.

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Different carpet types and the nature of the stains that are present require different cleaning methods. Unless you have the experience and right equipment, you can do more damage than good. Master’s Touch have a dedicated team with extensive textile-cleaning knowledge. After inspecting your job, they’ll know exactly what to use, how best to apply it, and what results you can expect. Then they’ll offer you their best recommendation without promising more than is achievable.

There’s more to getting the job done right than just knowing what needs doing. Delivering steam cleaning services requires accurate control over steam temperature to keep it in the critical window for that textile. It also requires powerful suction to reduce residual moisture and avoid potential damage from a damp job. Our truck mounted equipment can guarantee that level of control and power, so you can be confident in getting the quality we promise. True steam from quality equipment kills 99% of germs and bacteria from within your carpet and upholstery.

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Before a tile and grout clean begins, it is vital to recognise if finishes have been applied, and the type of grouting involved. Using the wrong approach by not taking these factors into account can damage the grout or tile finish. Our trained and experienced staff know what to look for and will always use the safest technique to get the job done.

Regardless of the cause of buildup on tile surfaces and grout, we’ve got a technique, and the right chemicals to bring them back to peak condition. Whether it’s scale, soap and organic deposits, oils or other substances, we can achieve fantastic results. And once they’re clean, we always rinse down and provide a completed job without leaving dangerous or slippery residues.

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We have a well trained and equipped team that are ready to jump into action. This is because we know that the sooner you respond to water damage or other unexpected spills, the better results you’re going to get. We also understand how much disruption an event like this can cause.

By getting our team on the job immediately, you can resolve the situation and get back to business quickly, avoiding potential losses and customer inconvenience. Our fast response team is familiar with working around other contractors and in unusual environments. This experience and the training that they’ve undergone means that they can work safely and keep the work environment risk free. We run a 24/7 service desk, so get in touch now so we can begin recovering the damage as soon as possible.

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