About Us

Our Mission

As a locally owned and operated business, our mission is to build a strong, long lasting company that our members and community are proud of. We are achieving this by listening to our customers’ needs and using proven systems, and quality products, to deliver what they’ve asked for.

We are proud of our reputation for being consistent and reliable, and seek to ensure customer satisfaction by responding quickly to meet unexpected  and daily needs.


Through the use of regular staff training, identifying and using the best technology, and genuinely caring about our customers and our work, we have a positive impact on every person we deal with, and every place we enter.

To feel good about ourselves and our role in the local community, we do more than try hard. We listen carefully, learn continuously, and improve our systems. This way we know that the communication and services we provide bring satisfaction and confidence to every one of our customers.


Master’s Touch Cleaning Company was established almost a decade ago as a two person operation with a commitment to quality and value. Through forward-thinking management, and always delivering as promised, our clientèle and company has grown quickly.

We now have over 30 staff, including our highly trained cleaners who are out in the field daily. Growing quickly can be hard, but we put our customers and the quality of service above the easy option of outsourcing or franchising staff. We know that the only way to have complete control over standards and customer experience, staff must be employed directly and supported by the entire company.


All of our staff are directly employed by us, and we don’t franchise. We also use our size to create career opportunities for every man and woman on our staff. There’s a lot more to our world-class cleaning operation than our highly trained janitorial staff. Supporting them are cleaning supervisors that inspire the level of quality we’re so proud of. Regularly checking this work are our quality inspectors, who are in turn supported by the operations manager.

Our operations manager has the full resources of the company behind them and can correct any situation before a problem manifests. Then, designing improved systems, maintaining 24/7 help desk solutions, providing smooth invoicing processes, and much more is our back of house team. Their efforts keep all of the little details in check so that our clients can always be confident of a great job, done on time. Our systems make us rise above the rest, while our staff make us the best.